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Bosque Farms Fire Department
Friday Night Hot Dog Fundraiser

Did you know the Bosque Farms Fire Department is an ALL-VOLUNTEER fire department?  The guys and gals of BFFD give personal and family time to ensure the safety of our wonderful community and THEY NEED OUR HELP!  

The crew has a fundraiser on Friday night of the fair to support equipment, services, and training for our Fire Fighters!!!  Let's gather our community support and pride, and THANK THEM for their help in Bosque Farms and throughout the County!!

There is a nominal fee of $5.00 for a either a hot dog, chips and drink or a frito pie and drink to feed your family, but the donations above that are really where it's at!  Let's help BFFD!

Hot Dog, Chips and Drink - $5.00
Frito Pie and Drink - $5.00
Drinks - Water or Soda - $1.00

Donation to our Volunteer Fire Department - Priceless!


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